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Community Engagement Coordiantor Candidate

I Can Do That!

Hi! My name is Steven Antonsen and I am applying for the Community Engagement Coordinator position for the City of Bothell Police Department. I'm excited to apply for this unique opportunity. Watch the video to learn more about me!


Legion of Boom

In 2013 our very own Seattle Seahawks won their very first Superbowl! As huge football and Seahawk fans we thought it would be fun to make a song dedicated to how amazing this team really was, so we created the hard hitting song "Legion of Boom". It was an instant local hit and it was played on KIRO during the Ron and Don show for multiple weeks, was retweeted by Kam Chancellor and opened up multiple opportunities to play the song live at Seahawks rallys all over the area as well as rocking the Stadium on game day! It garnered over 40,000 plays and was played all over the Seattle area. We made new friends and connections including ex-Seahawk Joe Tafoya who was a big supporter of the band and the song. Link

Thinkin' and Drinkin'

After a band name change from Midstokke to Colossal Boss in 2015, we felt like it was important to make a splash and put out a video that had swagger and attitude. We took our newest song and created a video with local producer AK Romero (Macklemore). This is a foot stompin' good time tune and it was a blast to make. We ran a full Facebook ad promotion that garnered over 20,000 views and still grows to this day.

Print Media

Press Releases


Officer Grows Mustache, Ladies Swoon

[Bothell, WA, June 11th 2019]

Not known for his facial hair prowess, Officer Cameron Stevie surprised everyone down at the station this morning by proudly showing off his brand new 'bro-mo handlebar bro-stache'. Stated one officer who wished to not be named, "I mean, I love the guy but it kinda looks sleazy". She continues, "I'm just really confused on what his mustache is trying to do. It just doesn't want to grow".

Nicknamed "Old Bullet Proof", Stevie fervently defended his newly found 'grass grin' by excitedly stating, "Guys, but the ladies LOVE it!" And he wasn't wrong. Word around Bothell spread like wildfire. While walking the beat in downtown Bothell, Officer Stevie was spotted at The Ranch Drive-In sharing milkshakes with many adoring new fans and friends. Many could be heard stating how much they adored Stevie's handsome 'mouth brow' and how they wanted to comb his sexy 'soup strainer'.

Be on the lookout for this friendly officer confidently sporting his brand new 'muzzy Mr. Tickler mouth-brow' while on patrol around town.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call [Steven Antonsen] at [555-555-5555] or email []

stevie stash

Web Content Management

You are looking at a custom made website I built from the ground up. Thanks to the knowledge I gained from attending the University of Washington, I can now build and maintatin websites and content.

uw Go Dawgs!


Check out some of my other website work here. In my spare time I have been acting as a webmaster for Pecos Pit BBQ in Seattle, as well as helping friends and family with website needs.

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Meeting Local Celeberities

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Addie and I got to meet the awesome @chrisballew AKA Casper Babypants today at @toppotdoughnuts in Bothell! He was great! Thanks Chris!! #casperbabypants #presidentsoftheunitedstatesofamerica #livemusic #kids #saturday

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Goats Found!

Video Promotion / Herald Write-up

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Big thanks to @everettherald for the love today in the newspaper! #love #newspaper #musicvideo #rockandroll #seattle #seattlemusic #colossalboss #guitar #bass #drums #singing #rockband #rockband

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Bothell PD Avengers!

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Heading to Bothell tonight to catch #AvengersEndgame at McMenamins? Please be mindful of pedestrians in the area and plan ahead for parking. Watch out for our night shift officers as they may be out in force looking for Thanos...and impaired drivers. #avengers #police #mcmenamins

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If selected, I believe that I can utilize my array of talents and experience to successfully fulfill the duties required of the the Community Engagement Coordinator. I would be extremely honored to not only serve the Bothell Police Department in this role, but to serve the Bothell community as a whole by creating a social media strategy that is not only informative but is engaging, positive and fun.

Thank you for you consideration

Steven Antonsen